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                “Success in this world and  hereafter.”

Dare-e-Arqam Schools Gujrat  “Gateway to Greatness”



We are committed to our mission and making concerted efforts to value and strengthen the humann dignity through our system of education.



Dar-e-.Arqam System of Education stands out distinctively with its focus on morality and academic with a balanced approach.



We are imparting education with the spirit to evolve leadership to guide and command the nation in an excellent way with Islamic norms of life.



Our aim is to develop a deep sense of  responsibility , moral courage and complete harmony in action and thought leading to a  balanced personality.



Dar-e-Arqam Education System is based on  mutual respect and believes in universal equality of all human beings.



Our system of Education envisages civic sense and fellow feelings in the teachers and the students and also transforms them into fine citizens of our beloved country Pakistan.

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Moral Values & Social Norms

The separation of both worldly and religious education has divided us both individually and as the Muslim Ummah. We endeavor to bridge it by providing moral education, relating the students to Islamic values and traditions. Daily one period is exclusively reserved where in the ways of the Sunnah are imbibed in the minds of the students so that they may become the part of their lives.


Dar-e-Arqam is the trailblazer of launching Hifz class with view of giving an over riding status to the noble practice of committing the Holy Quran to memory.Hifz class enjoys a VIP status welll furnished and fully air conditione classes .

Nazra Quran & Fehm-e-Quran o Sunnat

Special Arrangement have been made for proper teaching of Nazra Quran for all students simultaneously with the general education. Fehm-e-Quran and Seerat-Un­Nabi (°6‘ ) classes are held frequently in the Holy Month of Ramadan and throughout the year with a view to disseminate religious enlightenment.


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Syllabus/ Curriculum

The curriculum designed for Dar-e-Arqam is an example in itself. Catering all requirements of modern scientific education and following the moral and ethical beliefs of Islam. It fulfills the demands of the students at every level.

English Medium

Dar-e-Arqam is a unique school system of its own kind where English medium is used to educate the students giving them the advance worldly knowledge simultaneously imparting them in the light of Islam


Teachers Training Programs

In order to deliver quality education we are bound to remain aware to update our teaching skills according to the global changes. The teacher and the way of teaching is all that matters. Therefore, merit is given the highest priority for the selection of teachers. All the teachers are graduates but most of them are M.A., M.Sc, and B. Ed/M.Ed.

Secondly we have developed comprehensive teachers training program. The teachers are urged to cope with set procedures in a uniform way by employing latest teaching techniques, methods and skills.

Youth Camp & Sports

Dar-e-Arqam has planned to train the youth for promotion and propagation of islamic values and culture.For this purose school arrange special camps, students stay three or more days to develope with their selves self descipline, scoiak work and team buildilng in a volunteer environment.


Science Laboratory

Practical of different subjects are necessary to lend credence to theoretical knowledge garnered through various sources. For this purpose, we have well equipped science laboratories with all necessary infrastructure needed for the practical of science subjects.

Computer Lab’s

The teachers and students are made computer literate to come abreast with the rest of the world. Theoretical and practical education of competent teachers is the speciality of Dar-e-Arqam. Therefore all the campuses of Dar-e-Arqam have computer labs to facilitate both the students and the staff.


Dar-e-Arqam Publications

Dar-e-Arqam Publications has been devised to publish syllabus and general knowledge books, workbooks, activity books, school diary and school note books.

Monthly Arqam Magazine

Dar-e-Arqam publishes its “Dar-e-Arqam News” on regular basis to provide latest news of the activities of Dar-e-Arqam Schools to the public. Dar-e-Arqam publishes its “Arqam Magazine” monthly to provide maximum exposure to the students for the display of their talents in different literary genres.


Students are encouraged to enhance their reading and writing abilities. To develop such creative abilities of the students, the magazine titled ‘Loh-e-Arqam’ is brought out annually